Armed with an acoustic guitar, Spirit is a creative, multi-talented and entertaining one-person performing artist in Canada – Spirit Wiki . He does not use processed sounds. No drum machines or beat-automation. No keyboard/synthesizers. Nothing pre-recorded. And streaming online LIVE at SPIRITMUSIK.

With his organic original style, Spirit uses an acoustic guitar to blend rhythm and sounds, by “recording” each part of every song live – layering guitar / percussion / bass guitar, and vocals, creating complete songs with verse /chorus / bridge structures. At every stream / performance, he creates complete songs as he throws in a twist into every piece of music – whether performing originals, or improvising cover songs. Spirit adheres to soulful organic roots by combining smooth melodic vocals with a full spectrum of organic sounds.


His first album All The Pieces was released in 2012. The soulful album demonstrates an early type of organic song creation. It is written with the intention of an audience “listening to a song being built”. Every song is masterfully presented but particularly evident in his popular song “SOUL FOR SALE”, which has received over 100,000 youtube views. While recording in several studios between 2012 – 2020, Spirit has also released the single “WHERE, OH WHERE” in 2018 which arrives with a more polished sound. Moving forward, Spirit wrote, recorded and remastered the single “ANNOYED” in 2021, which demonstrates his ability of being a multi-instrumentalist songwriter in a larger studio rock setting, using hints and influences of songs written by Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Muse, and The Tragically Hip, etc.

Plus, as a YOUTUBE PARTNER, he has also created a number of original instrumental live-works, which can be used for background ambient music anywhere you like. A few examples are free, but to get the full package, joining the Youtube channel is $5 USD / month. This monetary value directly arrives to the artist, which allows for sustainability and the creation of new works, whereas Apple or Spotify contribute little revenue towards an Artist.

Spirit has recently written 5 new songs, and teamed up to record them with Mike Fraser (AC/DC, The Cult, Metallica, Joe Satriani) and have them mixed at The Armoury Studios in Vancouver, and Mastered by Maor Applebaum (Dream Theater, Faith No More, Halford) in Los Angeles. They will be released in mid-2023, and will be available on his YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

In the meantime, Spirit is live-online almost every night at SPIRITMUSIK. If you have an AMAZON PRIME subscription, you can support the channel for FREE! All you need to do is create a Twitch account, link your AMAZON account to the Prime Gaming app, and subscribe to the SPIRITMUSIK channel on the TWITCH app. By doing so, you can make requests and participate in the chat room! You might even get some free merch! Specific directions can be found here: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE FREE


Spirit has donated many performances to give back to his local Canadian community. In particular, he single-handedly raised over $10,000 for The Canadian Cancer Society in May of 2018 at the River Rock Casino Hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada, achieving a world record by performing continuously 6 days (114.5 hours).

With many concerts and corporate performances under his belt, he has opened for great Canadian artists such as 54-40, Burton Cummings, Chilliwack, Platinum Blonde, and Prism. He’s worked with large Corporations such as Great Canadian Casinos, Grand + Toy, La Scala Integrated Media, Midland Appliances, Microsoft. If you have any questions regarding a performance, please inquire through the contact page.

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