Thanks for dropping by..

The internet has seen a jump in the use of several live-streaming platforms in the last few years. Some artists are seeking these means to present their medium. As I maintain correspondence with fans and friends, here’s a huge shout-out to those who have reached out with their support over the last few years, while I overcame some personal and professional obstacles. Moving forward, I’ll be continuing to LIVESTREAM on the Twitch App platform under the handleSPIRITMUSIK, and continually uploading original works to my PARTNERED YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

If you are new to my LIVESTREAM, and would like to support for free with your Amazon Prime account, here’s how:

Before you get started, just know that it’s probably easier to proceed using a Laptop or PC. {If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can still create a Twitch account and contribute to the SPIRITMUSIK channel by subscribing monthly for about $5.00 USD per month.}


  1. Go to Twitch and create an anonymous profile —–> TWITCH —–> It’s best to make up a user name, and do not use your real identity. Also, it is recommended to NOT share any personal information while online in a chatroom. Once you create an account with a username and password, close the app.
  2. Open a new browser page to PRIME GAMING and sign in with your Amazon Prime Profile.
  3. Follow the instructions to link Prime Gaming to Amzaon Prime. You might need to re-fresh pages to link them.
  4. Open a new browser and find me here on the TWITCH.TV app here —-> SPIRITMUSIK
  5. On my TWITCH CHANNEL profile, find and click the purple Subscribe button. A pop-up screen will appear.
  6. Scroll down through the pop-up menu until you find the pop-up box: “USE PRIME FREE” or “SUBSCRIBE FREE WITH PRIME“. Click the SUBSCRIBE FREE BOX and press enter! You’re done! Thanks for your support!

If you have any technical questions regarding these details, please reach out through my contact page and send your questions. I’ll do my best to guide you as promptly as possible, and get you linked up! Some people continue to subscribe and support my artist’ channel monthly (for free) with their Amazon Prime membership, for which I am very grateful. Remember, if you subscribe with your FREE PRIME SUBSCRIPTION, it is NOT auto-renewable, so I send out an email reminder once a month.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can still create a Twitch account and contribute to the SPIRITmusik channel by subscribing monthly for $5.00 USD per month.

Thank you for your support!