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Soul For Sale Video

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I’m getting around to producing two more videos for my upcoming sophomore album “Hands”. I’d like to work with the right people – but the art comes first. Always, art first. Creating a video is important, and deserves the same respect as the music/song itself. It’s a visual represention to align with sound. The two senses go hand-in-hand, and when both are prepared with due care and attention, something special happens.

When I wrote Soul For Sale, I was contemplating a number of aspects:

Since it was my first lone-wolf adventure in both mediums, I had to visually include the way I create sound, and also represent that on screen (Live-Looping). Truth be told, although every song from my first album had a “build up” introduction into each musical piece, making sure that the music videos told the story of their creation, along with the context of each song itself, was equally important. If you open up the video and look below the lyrics at the bottom of the page (click Soul For Sale), there is a paragraph regarding the context of the song. Although it revolves around the issues of “depression”, I kept in mind the positive context of “moving foreword” and “looking beyond”.

It was definitely a juggle to marry “sound”, “visual” and “context”, but I’m happy with the organic results.

Please have a listen to the song. Within the video page, please take the time to comment, and share the video. Creating awareness is a good thing.

Stay positive and keep rollin’!

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Hard Rock Casino – February 3rd/4th

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of new material in the bank!

I’m really looking forward to performing at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver again. They’ve just completed a huge renovation in the Unlisted Lounge, so now it’s a combination buffet before 9pm, then it turns into an awesome wide-open seating area for your listening pleasure. With the expanded area, and new stage location, it’s a treat to not only preform, but 100 times more visually acceptable for the audience as well! It’s rolling with an open concept, new comfortable furniture, and the staff are always exceeding with service. And as always, there’s no charge.

Looking ahead, I’ve booked two weddings, a couple of private parties, and have nailed down the next six months on the calendar – with a few surprises in the works! It’s great to know that 2017 is off to a solid musical start!

The second album is still on course too, and well into production. I’m very excited about the new sound and direction I’m taking. It’s bigger and bolder, and still based on my acoustic live-looping technique, while remaining organic, and completely live. In other words, no drum machines, synthetic sounds, or music misrepresentation facsimile, which is heard a lot on today’s airwaves. The only difference is I’ve cut out the “build up” to each song. One track from my next release “Hands” can be heard at REVERBNATION .

Oh, and the first album can be previewed and purchased at iTunes and CD Baby (android).

Thanks for keeping in touch, and please join me at any of your favourite social media sites:


Be good!

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ORRANGE – 8pm, Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Hey All!

I’ll be performing in Coquitlam at ORRANGE – 1125 Nicola Ave., this Saturday, January 28th, at 8pm

I always have a great time at this venue, as it is well managed, and every patron is taken care of. One can tell by just watching the interactions. The food is great, and the drinks are cold.

Requests are welcome. The “If I know it – I’ll play it.” rule will be in effect later in the evening.

It’s an early night. Hope to see you!

Have a great weekend!


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U2 – Joshua Tree – 30 years ago!

I was a kid when this came out. To that date I’ve had a wide range of music forced my way, being the youngest: The BeatlesSimon & Garfunkel, Herbie Hancock, Bowie  and other popular radio friendlies…but nothing sounded or flowed quite like the perfected Joshua Tree Album by U2. I could get into a diatribe of every song and what each means to me, however, I recommend getting into your “quite spot”, light a few candles, strapping on the headphones (not earbuds) and listening to the album yourself (again?) in its entirety to find out where the songs take you now. The album was put together by the band, and producers Daniel Lanois  and Brian Eno . It seems to flawlessly carry on, with the help of great instrumental music, big sound, and meaningful thoughtful lyrics. Some songs are so timeless that they are recognized by many, and often played on today’s popular and classic radio and internet stations.

Well, I can honestly say that I became a fan of this band very early on, for a number of reasons, including the fact that the band stuck together – after fame and fortune. Heck, even before it’s release, I remember one of my older brothers coming back from their concert at the Commedore Ballroom in Vancouver – yes, that’s right, he saw U2 at this small venue back in the 80’s. I didn’t think much of it then, as he was seeing lots of concerts in that day, and going on about them. Crazy when I think about tho. U2. Commedore. Wow! A great venue to listen to any music.

Later, after purchasing the album, I went to see the Joshua Tree show at BC place in 1987 with three friends. This was probably one of the best sounding shows I’ve been to – at that venue – even to this day. I’ve actually walked out on a few concerts, just because the sound can be terrible. I remember it was the Bo-Deans and Los Lobos that opened up for them – which made no sense at all (to me), as U2 was a “fresh sounding” band. I wonder if the promoter had a difficult time finding someone similar to match them with, as all three bands had significantly different styles. The first two bands were fine. They came out, did their thing, then left the stage. People were standing aroiund and doing their thing, chatting. Then….(I remember) the long pause of stadium DJ music before Bono and the boys came out…..then….the lights went dark. Festival seething meant standing room only on the floor. I squeezed my way to the front. People cheered! Lighters flicked on! Then….that BIG RED-ORANGE GLOW of a background. After that? I have few words, other than the fact that everyone went quiet, and listened. And sang along. And enjoyed. It was a perfect night from then on. Everyone was in this together.

I certainly had a positive vibe going on after this show. So-much-so that I bought all the singles to that album later that year, plus previous albums October, Boy, War, and some bootlegs of live shows too. Hmm, yes, vinyl. Both Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum opened up like a book. When “Rattle And Hum” came out, it put things into perspective for me – like in a “Star Wars” or a “Lord Of The Rings” epic kind of way. I learned and listened: Martin Luther King, Billie Holliday, B.B. King, Sun Studios, Elvis, Ireland.

Well, it’s 30 years later, and guess what: As an Acoustic Live Looping Artist, I perform (on occasion) the entire Joshua Tree album from start to finish. I won’t be able to see the local Vancouver anniversary show as I’m booked that night, but I’ll probably be performing tracks from that album during that week (or next, or leading up to). Stay tuned for times, dates and  locations. Hit up my Facebook link for more info on shows/dates.

Hunter S. Thompson: Out There?

One of my favorite writers, who I (unknowingly) take examples from, and inject into my writing and music. I came across this favourite quote,  yet again today:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”!!”
– Hunter S. Thompson

He was a little “out there” but if you get a chance to read some of his work, you might enjoy. Here’s a YouTube clip with Johnny Depp on the old Letterman show. Cattle prod? Taser? Haha! Just trying to make friends!

Happy Tuesday!


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Sundays 7:30 to late late late..

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Cavo Bar & Kitchen

911 Granville St.

Vancouver BC.

Reservations: (604) 568 3454

Yes. Every Sunday, for over five years, I’ve been performing at this little gem of a venue. I need to take the time here to acknowledge the owners. This group of people have been very generous, and it feels like they’ve invited me into their home every week. They convey this to the staff, which results in decent service and a fantastic selection of Mediterranean dishes along with regular pub fair. I guess that’s why they’ve been in business for so long.

Moving forward, if your are in the neighborhood, or plan on creating a night on the town, Cavo is a great place to insert into your agenda. It gets busy for dinner, especially around long weekends, so make sure to call ahead. The number is listed above.


Thanks, Mr. Y., for a solid 5er.

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McCartney’s Music ?

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Paul McCartney is attempting to take back his rights to his Beatles music. I’ll be watching this story for sure, especially due to the Duran Duran fiasco…


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January 20th/21st, 2017

Looking forward to performing at The Queens Cross in North Vancouver this weekend. Always a good time, and a few music appreciators usually show up – always good for a chat! Usually an 8pm start.

Hey, on another note 😉, have you heard the single on my upcoming EP?

“Hands” can be found here. Just click, and look inside my profile at ReverbNation for the song. It’s still free to listen to…

Enjoy! Be good!


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Live Music In 2017


Here we are, well into 2017.

Things are looking great on the home front, and my second original (sophomore) album is finally nearing completion. I’m excited about the concept of “getting right to the song” without the “build up” of creating a song, as I do at every performance. For more info about this, check my “bio” page.

Moving forward, I already have two concepts for the upcoming third and forth releases.

And now that the second stage of the website is complete, I need to inform everyone that I’ve begun an “email contact” form. This means that I will not be posting my performances on a web-calendar. To find out where I’m performing, I’ll send out a monthly email to subscribers.

It also looks like I lost a few blog posts in the transfer/upgrade process, but hey, it’s the present and future that really count! 😉

Also, stay tuned for some pretty exciting shows coming up this year! Plans are already in the works…

Comments on social media are always welcome, and if you’d like to chat about the provision of entertainment for a function you’re putting together, send me an email (on the contact page). All event ideas are considered!

Stay real people!!


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Spring Around The Corner

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It looks as though the winter season is almost over, but the performances are rolling in with no end in sight! I need to take the time to acknowledge The Now Newspaper for the great write-up last week. http://www.thenownewspaper.com/entertainment/367692491.html – For the most part they focused on the artistic side of what I do, but still slid off track into describing and defining the story of my name. Lol. I guess they thought it would “add” to the story. Who knows.
I’ve added two new weekly music performances this year. One is at Central City Brewing Company from 5pm-9pm on Thursdays, and the other is at Elements Casino in Cloverdale on Sunday afternoons from 12pm – 4pm. I’ll be bringing some new material every week to each of these venues.
The spring release for “Hands” is coming along, but it’s taken way longer than expected to complete. The first album revolved around the acoustic live looping process with each part being introduced in succession, but the next album’s concept focuses on creating a “sound”, while using the same organic sound of acoustic live looping, but with an immediate approach, instead of building layers to get into the song. I’m looking forward to its completion. For your enjoyment, I’ve set up a full preview of the title track “Hands” at Reverbnation here. Just click: