July In Vancouver

The weather for the most part, is, and has been fantastic, and for the tourist, Vancouver is in full hustle and bustle, which means music is in full swing. There’s lots of live music to watch and listen to, but lately, as a full time performer/artist, I’m finding that many larger chains, or established venues,

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House Concerts / Events

Summer is here, and outdoor events are Happening! Some are in your own backyard – and isn’t good music/entertainment always on the list of things to entertain your guests with? Every event has a different context, and getting yours just right takes a lot of planning. The size of the grounds or backyard makes a

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The Journey Home

After a quick Java stop, I caught a morning plane from Gatwick Airport Wednesday March 7th. On the journey home, I reflect about attempting to take in a few of Englands colourful cities and long deep history over the past two weeks. Although this was a near impossible task, the whole experience was amazing, and

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Liverpool to London to Brighton

After a super windy night from Storm Freya, I woke up to sunshine this morning…                 Sefton park was amazing for a stroll most mornings, right after a quick home made Java in the lobby of the hotel. I took a few more snaps inside the hotel while

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Liverpool and The Beatles

Liverpool. Here are the first 4 evening pictures, when I arrived on Friday night, a few hours after checking in.                                   I’m never expecting all the old structures, castles, and workmanship. Everywhere I go. Canada just doesn’t have the

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Abby Road, War Museum, Then Liverpool

Another early start today, catching the circle line, transferring to the Bakerloo line north. A point of interest for those of you who have never been to London: Get an “Oyster Card” for transit. They cost £5 deposit for the card itself and are loadable and maxed out each day at about £10. If you

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Moving Fast Around London!

Hello people! Started out bright and early yesterday! First on the list was coffee! Loaded up a huge Americano, and the race was on…. Buckingham Palace:  Walking up from the Victoria Station Starbucks, here’s a close up of the surrounding exterior wall. Lots of Brick and mortar. Once I got around to the front entrance,

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London Evening

Hey People! The next few days will be fast and furious. Arrival in London was fantastic, and directions that were received made getting to several destinations simple. After the swap from Southern Rail to the Tube Train at London Victoria Station, I arrived at “Mansion Station” 5 minutes early. Hopping off the Tube at Mansion

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Brighton To London

Rollin on the northbound train today, but here’s a quick summary of the last few days:  People drive on the wrong side of the road. Cars can be parked both ways on a street. The bakery down the street is amazing. Bought a guitar. Starbucks is just like in Canada, only if you want cream

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A Castle Near Brighton.

Hey People! What a fantastic time! I’m overwhelmed with hospitality from friends Mark And Shelley. A few short local trips around the area have proved to be historically amazing, and if you add the sunshine and good company, this trip has been epic so far. Ok, let’s get started… Bodiam Castle (National Trust).  Originally and

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