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One Week Of My Life

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The Challenge…

In the grand scheme of things, one week of my life is a pretty tiny timeline. I’ll always think of myself as a fortunate person. Why? Because I have the opportunity to live my passion by performing music for a living and share this gift with others. As an “Acoustic Live Looping Artist”, I am excited about performing and growing as an Artist, but also feel I should give back to society and to my community on many levels as I become more successful. This event will definitely be on a new level for me!

The recognition of these gifts I’ve been given starts with my parents, both of whom I lost to Cancer. They were an integral part of my musical beginnings – which I’m sure they knew. That being said, one level that I continually give back to my community is by raising donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. Because my parents dealt with Cancer, I’m under the impression that this disease could be fairly genetically prominent to me.

Moving forward, I will raise funds for the C.C.S. by way of a 6 day musical marathon. Yes, that’s right, I will be playing guitar for a period of 125 hours to break the Guinness World Record set in 2008. The 6 day event will take place at River Rock Casino Resort from Monday, May 7th, 2018 to Saturday, May 12th 2018. Great Canadian Casinos have been a strong supporter of my performances, and they have stepped up in a big way to support this event, for which I can’t thank them enough. I also have many people in my life who challenge me and respect the unique aspect of this event. I’m grateful to have them by my side!

As the event day draws nearer, there will be updates on websites listed below, and a Canadian Cancer Society online donation page in support of this cause. Join us at the following online sites and follow the hashtag #spiritriverrock for more information. Thank you for your time!!!

All the best,


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Any Day Now!!!

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I’m getting super excited to let you all know that documents are signed, almost all the groups of people are on board, and a big announcement is just around the corner. It’s turning out to be much more  than I expected. I wish I could give you details, but I need to play by the rules…could be the first time in my life! Lol.  Stay tuned, people!!


Media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSpiritCool
Come To Think Of It:

Soul For Sale:






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Hello all!

So, upon my return from Toronto today, I just recieved an email from a large corporate sponsor who I’ll be working with to create “a really big deal” in May.

You want details? OK! You’ll need to follow me at SPIRIT ON FACEBOOK to get up-to-the-minute info…but for now, I can say “possible live stream” and “dates between May 7th – May 12th, 2018.”

Confused? No problem.

It will all make sense in the days and weeks to come…

It’s now TIME TO GIVE BACK in a big way!

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YouTube and The Artist

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So, the latest YouTube Rulemakers have decided that the very few fortunate ones that have a dedicated viewership or constant repeat shoppers, get to keep their monetization rights. In other words, if you are getting a certain number of subscribers and views, then you can make money. That being what it is, I am an artist that isn’t as popular or as funded as one of “the big ones”, so I automatically lose that right and priveledge.

And, so we are all clear, here is a wiki section that definines Video monetization:

“In some industry sectors such as high technology and marketing, monetization is a buzzword for adapting non-revenue-generating assets to generate revenue. Web sites and mobile apps that do generate revenue are often monetized via advertisements, subscription fees or (in the case of mobile) in-app purchases. In the music industry, monetization happens when a recording artist puts a video on the Internet and the platform where it appears shows advertisements before, during, or after the video. For each public viewing, the advertising revenue is shared with the artist or others who hold rights to the video content.[5] A previously free product may have premium options added thus becoming freemium.”

There’s a decent write-up in Futurism which continues explaining details.

OK, all the details were made clear in the small print when we signed up – the fact that changes could be made at anytime YouTube sees fit. Truth be told, I never made a penny from my (now over) 100,000 views. I guess my “long term client” context didn’t match up with theirs. And frankly, I’m not concerned about making a few dollars from YouTube, although it would have been nice to have them pay for 1/4 tank of gas, or a pack of guitar strings. What I am concerned about is their context. Some of the reasons, so I am told, for eliminating monetization from smaller channels is to weed out the spammers and such. Also, I believe it’s to bring a higher quality of viewship to the advertiser who is paying for the monetization. Imagine if their context was “Hey, there’s a group of 20 of us that really like this one video…”, but for making money and staying in business, that would take way too much effort and time. So, I get it. There’s just too much material, and they need to save time. Some artists will be left out in the cold.

Interesting. I’ve spent about $200 / year per video in advertising costs to spread the word. I consider this inexpensive and part of the territory I’m engaged in. Further to this, after recording and pressing CD’s (yes I still do that because people like hard copies to take home with them), I spend about $200 per song with various music platforms like iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify, Jango, etc. My return is obviously much larger with these…but as far as my specific vedios go, I  not the “monitization artist”, although some are, and they thrive on the monetized vids. I have two, and will release another two which will sit nicely along side my second album.
I could go on, but to cut through to the meat and potatoes of this conversation, I’d really like to thank all the viewers that sat by and watched some of the silly commercials before my videos started. And some of us know that you pressed the SKIP AD button to get to your source. This Artist appreciates your time….and my channel isn’t going anywhere…for now. Now that’s something I’ve never heard personally from YouTube…VEVO! How are you?





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New Bose Speaker Demonstration at Long + McQuade

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I’m excited to inform you all that the wonderful and amazing people at Long + McQuade Surrey  and Bose Canada have asked me to help them unleash and demo their latest P.A. Speaker System – specifically called the….. – guess what! The name will be unveiled on January 23rd!

This free in store interactive shindig and in-store performance will be happening Saturday January 28th. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about thier new system, I’ll be performing a collection of hits to put the new system to the test!!!

See you there!

TIME: 11am – 2pm: Saturday, January 27th, 2018

LOCATION: Long + McQuade 13785 104 Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 1W6

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2018 Has Just Begun – Rossland! Hard Rock! River Rock!

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There’s some pretty big stuff (relative to my world) already in the making for this coming year. This past holiday season, I was able to finish up and master three singles which will be on my next full length album “HANDS”. I’m very keen on the new direction I’ve taken, which focuses more on the song itself. The result is having no build/layering of individual parts. Instead, I’ve by-passed the “introduction” of each instrument, and cut to the chase. This gave freedom to create some magic within the song structure itself. Although I can’t perform these songs live the way they are presented online, I will be creating live versions of them when I perform…

Speaking of which, ive been invited out to Rossland BC for a performance in mid-February. I’m very excited about performing in this old wooden venue (The Old Fire Hall), and the community that is coming together for this presentation. Thanks a bunch for taking the time for making this happen Powderhound Sports, The Rotary Club – and a special thanks to the lead producer – GypsyRoseBud, and her whole team! Watch here or familiar social media sites for updates…

And then there’s May 2018: The River Rock Casino Resort seems to be keen on an idea that is currently being discussed. No specific details available yet, but it could be a fairly large event. Stay tuned!!!….

Thanks for checking out my new material, and for sticking with me on my journey. I’m a little over 6 years in, and many more years and albums to go!

Check out New Songs Here

Be good!



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Fundraiser Saturday, Cavo Sunday, Sylvia Wednesday

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Performing at a private fundraiser this coming Saturday, February 25th.

Giving back to the community is an important part of my music because I’m able to participate by sharing art on another level. It’s personal. This event is to show appreciation to those who have raised funds to keep the Semiahmoo House Society take care of those less fortunate. That’s huge. It takes a lot of effort and organizing to become a successful and sustainable endeavor/business. I’m grateful and honoured to play a small part with this positive community organization.

Sunday I’ll be returning to Cavo Bar at 7pm.

And Wednesday March 1st, I’m happy to announce a new client: Sylvia Hotel Lounge, in Vancouver. 8pm – 10pm.

Add in an awards ceremony at Elements Casino on Thursday, followed by a busy weekend of performances and it’s looking like a fantastic start to March!

Did I mention I met with a videographer this week, and started preproduction on the new video for the  song “HANDS”?…..


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Effects / Samples? Just say “No”, if you like.


With the direction of popular music on the radio, it’s a challenge (for some) to not be using the latest new “sample” or “sound gimmick”. Just listening to (repetitive) new music on any pop radio station allows me to roll my eyes frequently. I won’t name names, but I’m sure we all have our favorites. For example, a song that uses that repetitive drum sample over and over. This recorded journey is then carried over to “live shows”, where any given sample or pre-recorded gimmick is set up to be released at a certain moment. Several times. Repeatedly. This might be attractive to some, but it sure gets boring for me and people I’ve chatted to about this. For other concert goers, they’re content with a laptop and a singer for the night. Add some expensive lighting and a big sound system, and you have yourself a concert that sounds exactly like the song you heard on the popular radio station your were listening to. That’s because it is – only louder.

Even smaller/unknown acts are using samples and prerecordings in their shows, so that they sound as close to the original as possible. It’s a challenge for me to listen (and watch) a multi-member dance band that has a drummer wearing headphones to a click track because the song has certain recordings that must be used. IE; A sampled prerecorded 3-part horn section, but there are no horns to be seen for miles around. That being said, people have their reasons for going to those shows (like dancing), and I’m fine with that. The “live performance” isn’t really 100% “live” though is it? My interpretation is like real people with some fake news thrown in. A little deceptive maybe? It’s mostly a risk-free safe bet though for a fun night of dancing – unless the computer with the prerecorded tracks stops working. If that happens, it probably becomes an entirely different night. Does one member quietly and nervously utter, “What are we going to play now?”. Maybe some bands have a contingency planned set list? Hmmm. Maybe. So what? Overall, I guess it would become boring when most of the songs contain prerecorded sections in some form or another. Might as well hire a DJ at that point, and guess what: Many venues are doing just that.

For most (let’s call them “sample bands”), I’ve seen a rise in the lack-luster of so called “live” performances. For some members in a sample band, it looks like they are on a job that they don’t want to be at. People are going through the motions so they can collect their dough and split. Routine. How does one build a relationship with their audience? Related to the above in attitude, I recently heard tale of a local single guitarist that actually posted on social media that he was going to a certain venue to perform, but it was his least favourite place to go, and he was only doing it for the money. True story. As it happened, prior to his arrival, the word got out to the venue, and they contacted the “musician”. He was told to not bother coming, and was asked to remove the post from his social media page. Done.

So to cross-reference my bio page and identify the truth and organic nature of my profession on a personal level, I don’t use samples. Nothing is pre-recorded. The fact is, everything I perform is live and recorded as I perform it: Percussion. Bass. Vocals. Guitar. I rely on the moment, and the unique organic quality of sound from my custom acoustic guitar – which is amplified only. I use no prerecorded gimmicks, and attempt to create a reasonable facsimile of any song I create. I believe that the music I create is original at the time you hear it. This means that no two performances are alike, although my interpretation of any song will produce my take of remnants from the original artists’ performance, like a guitar lick or bass part. Have no fear though, I’m playing it live – it’s not an unperformed sample.

Another big chancy thing is relating to the audience to see what they are liking (or disliking). When “live”, it’s a musical relationship that lasts from the time I step on stage, to the last song I perform. No premeditated set list. Just a guitar, 400 songs, and a plethora of lyrics. Any relationship takes work and practice, yes? This isn’t to say that mistakes aren’t made during a performance (from time to time, lol), but it’s more about dealing with any so called mistake, in real time, and the perception moving forward. Afterwards, music appreciators and musicians will usually ask questions about the gear I use and that’s fine, but truth be told, it’s about practice, technique, and the live performance that assists to create a unique sound, which in turn, should provide ample opportunity for relationship.


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Elements Casino – 8pm, February 10th/11th

I’m looking forward to returning to Elements Casino this weekend. Their hospitality is great, and I always enjoy a conversation with the engaged staff. 😀

I’ve got a few new songs in the music mix, and can’t wait to break open the guitar and gear to let them out!…and don’t forget to check out my new song HANDS at ReverbNation.

Thanks for your support!

See you this weekend!

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Tap House. Nice Lookin Venue!

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7pm Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Well, I guess the secret is out; I’ve performed a few times at the Tap House in Guilford, and I’m always looking forward to returning. There aren’t a lot of venues for live music in this area, and since they’ve remodeled, The Tap House has got to be one of the most visually attractive places to view live entertainment. The stage is presented as “cabaret style”, so that there is a fantastic view of the performer from most areas.

Personally, as an Acoustic Live-Looping Artist, the stage layout meets perfection. There’s space to set up my gear, and to comfortably perform within my element.

The staff are awesome every time I’m there, and the food is great. Call ahead to see if they have specials.

See you tonight!