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House Concerts / Events

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Summer is here, and outdoor events are Happening! Some are in your own backyard – and isn’t good music/entertainment always on the list of things to entertain your guests with? Every event has a different context, and getting yours just right takes a lot of planning. The size of the grounds or backyard makes a difference, and proper staging, equipment, and lighting can really add to the warmth, tone, and excitement of the evening.

Setting up a lot of equipment can be daunting if it’s a large event, and I’ve performed at many large outdoor events, with construction taking all day….

If this is your context, I have many connections in the industry, and can guide you to the right people.

That being what it is, if you have the intention of holding a more intimate event for around 100 people, and are looking for a package rate – including a small stage, lighting, and live music, send me an email. I’ve performed at many weddings, anniversaries, and events where the budget couldn’t hold a band or large production, yet the context of live music was a priority, That being said, if you are having an event to “have an event”, I’ll be happy to set the tone with a combination of original music and my version of your favorite cover songs. I bring along a decent size PA, small tent, stage, and lights to make your evening memorable.

I’m always happy to throw you a suggestion or two. Your success is my success, so send me an email with any questions you have if you’re thinking about adding a small live music production to your event.

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