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Liverpool to London to Brighton

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After a super windy night from Storm Freya, I woke up to sunshine this morning…









Sefton park was amazing for a stroll most mornings, right after a quick home made Java in the lobby of the hotel. I took a few more snaps inside the hotel while waiting.















On the way to my next stop, this had to be done too…









Walked from start to finish of Penny Lane. After that, I hopped in a cab and passed by an amazing structure: The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, in Merseyside Liverpool. It took 5 years to complete this unique structure in 1967. There are thousands of small glass pieces at the top cylindrical portion which let in a multitude of colours of light (especially when the sun is shining).

Also, the Concrete structure outside is the Bell Tower, which is set far enough away from the main building so the loud ringing doesn’t break the windows!!! I turned around and took a picture of the steps leading toward the city street and buildings below. Once again, I could take pictures of Liverpool’s historical buildings for days, as there are many, but it was cool to check out something newer.









And that, Folks, is the conclusion to my visit to Liverpool. Once again, in regards to learning about history of the area, there is so much more to see and experience there.

Boarding the Virgin Fast Train back to Brighton thru London, my MAP made me aware of a Canuck near Stafford! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚










I didnt see him/her, but took in the awesome sunshine and countryside.

It rained off-and-on when I got to London, so I cut the sight-seeing short. I managed to get a shot of the amazing St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel, but it started coming down in buckets! The building has a more recent history compared to many of the area’s 1000 year old structures, with completion and official opening in 1876.









That said, I wanted an up-close pic of the Shard and the “Cheese Grater” buildings, so snapped a couple from the train.









One more day to go.

And dont forget to check out my music….I’ll be wrapping up the second album when I get back, over the next couple of weeks. Likes, shares, and comments are welcome at thisย FACEBOOK LINK.

Be good people!



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