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Success! Over $10,000.00 Raised for Canadian Cancer Society

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Well, although I completed the challenge, it’s not really ever over is it?

5 Days

4 Hours

30 Minutes

Fingers still feel like hot concrete, but the world keeps movin’!!!

Lots of details to contain, and people to connect with to thank personally. I’ll attempt to connect with every one of you – I just need a little time. Social Media platforms are blowing up! Lol. I’m grateful for your help to raise over $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. This WAS AND IS the focus.

I’m grateful to be able to use my gift as an Acoustic Live Looping Artist, to give back to the community. The River Rock Casino Hotel and Resort, along with the entire Great Canadian Casino Corporation Family was an integral part of the success of this mission.

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Take care people, and the donation page will remain up, in appreciation of all those donations!

Spirit / Challenge Donation Page

Remember anything over $20 gives you a tax reciept for a write off. I believe in the Canadian Cancer Society, because most of us have been touched by someone with Cancer, and it’s a great feeling to know that I might be easing someone’s pain in one way or another. Period.

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