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Soul For Sale Video

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I’m getting around to producing two more videos for my upcoming sophomore album “Hands”. I’d like to work with the right people – but the art comes first. Always, art first. Creating a video is important, and deserves the same respect as the music/song itself. It’s a visual represention to align with sound. The two senses go hand-in-hand, and when both are prepared with due care and attention, something special happens.

When I wrote Soul For Sale, I was contemplating a number of aspects:

Since it was my first lone-wolf adventure in both mediums, I had to visually include the way I create sound, and also represent that on screen (Live-Looping). Truth be told, although every song from my first album had a “build up” introduction into each musical piece, making sure that the music videos told the story of their creation, along with the context of each song itself, was equally important. If you open up the video and look below the lyrics at the bottom of the page (click Soul For Sale), there is a paragraph regarding the context of the song. Although it revolves around the issues of “depression”, I kept in mind the positive context of “moving foreword” and “looking beyond”.

It was definitely a juggle to marry “sound”, “visual” and “context”, but I’m happy with the organic results.

Please have a listen to the song. Within the video page, please take the time to comment, and share the video. Creating awareness is a good thing.

Stay positive and keep rollin’!

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