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Interview “Gentleman Genius” Magazine And “CHILLIWACK”

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Hey, Folks!
Summing up February in a word? Wow!
March is turning into some crazy talks with some cool people, and gaining some new fans too!
What happened? Lots of performances, including warming up for Rock legends “Chilliwack” for two occasions, and then being contacted by “Gentleman Genius” Magazine, for an interview! Here’s the link for the article:
I’m still pounding away at the second disc. What a process! As my music creations grow with my acoustic live-looping technique, I find that I want to simplify content, but make the context real juicy. So that’s whats developing: A simply juicy disc you can sink your teeth into.
And I also want to thank the fans that send me questions and comments via email. Its awesome to connect with you all! I appreciate you to the Nth degree, for without you, I’d probably be performing live “as a hobby” instead of “for a living”. I love performing live, so this works really well for me! 😉
Remember, my social media links are updated usually daily, so join me there, and please leave “likes” and “comments” on my two music videos. I receive a good number of “hits” and “views” every day, but its the connection through comments I dig the most! 🙂
Thanks for being here, and more stuff is just around the corner. Hope to see you at a live performance.
A huge mention to Cascades Casino for making “Tuesday Industry Night” a continuing success. 6pm – 10pm.
Thanks a bunch people!

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