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Armed with only an acoustic guitar, Spirit is one of the most multi-talented, entertaining, intriguing and captivatingly average one-person performing artists in Canada.

Fluent with many styles, Spirit blends rhythm and sound by “live-recording” each part of a song – or “layering” the guitar/percussion/bass guitar, and vocals (etc). With a keen ear for sound, he channels a twist into every piece of music whether performing his original songs, or a coversong he is intrigued with.

Spirit adheres to his musical roots by combining smooth vocals with a full spectrum of organic sound and has released 3 singles to his upcoming sophomore album “HANDS” for 2018.


Donating time with shows/revenue to the Canadian Cancer Society, he’s also opened concerts for great artists such as 54-40, Chilliwack, Platinum Blonde while touring Canada twice in 2014.

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