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Summer Ends At Langley Theatre

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Hey people!

What a fantastic year – so far!

Continued thanks goes to the River Rock Casino, with a shout out to the super fun and committed staff! It’s a fun place to perform – Hands down!!!








Other shows this summer included a few special events, private weddings, and a fantastic show at the Langley Chief Sepass Theatre, with Canadian Juno Award Winners PRISM! A beautiful 300 seat intimate Theatre with an amazing sound production, and a bunch of cool Dudes! I can’t say evough about the band either; a bunch of great guys playing their hits! I started the show with a few of my own pieces, and added a few surprises along the way (you had to be there!) 🙂



For me, the highlight of the show was getting called out by Al Harlow (Prism lead singer) to sing their last song “Armageddon” with them! What a blast!




On the horizon, there are some Hard Rock Casino shows coming up, another private wedding in October, a quick bolt to Calgary, Alberta, and a big corporate event for the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. For details of upcoming public events, stay tuned!




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Second Album Coming Soon…

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Putting the final touches on Album #2 is taking quite a while, but I’m enjoying the comments and results from the singles already released!

And to all those of you who are asking about the World Record title, apparently my unconfirmed record of 124.5 hours has already been beat again (also unconfirmed). As I mentioned in the past, the focus was using the action and title to push raising a minimum goal of $10,000 for The Canadian Cancer Society. The goal was achieved, with your help!

Moving forward, I’m looking at several new positive endeavors to entertain myself with….I just have to choose one. Lol.

Thank you all. It won’t be too a long wait…

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The Aftermath From A Marathon

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“Complete” is only a word. “Cure for cancer” is a common phrase. One day they will align, and the funds I raised at the marathon will definitely help or assist someone somewhere at some point. This I know. This I believe.

Huge thanks to my new friend at the Canadian CancervSociety for handling donations, media, and web-performance. A few people requested their names to be accociataed with thier donations, and she handled titles like a rock star. Donations are still rolling in here and there, with a few accountable obligations outstanding. As long as cancer exixts, there will always be time to donate and support the fight.




Moving onwards and upwards, the next album is looking strong with some serious themes, new directions, and original sounds. It will be unlike the first album, which started each some with one instrument and built up throughout each song with layers. The album “Hands” is sure to be a full sounding disc, packed with surprises!




On the horizon, I’ll be teaming up with Canadian Juno Award winners “PRISM” for a show in Langley BC in Spetember. More details to come…

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Success! Over $10,000.00 Raised for Canadian Cancer Society

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Well, although I completed the challenge, it’s not really ever over is it?

5 Days

4 Hours

30 Minutes

Fingers still feel like hot concrete, but the world keeps movin’!!!

Lots of details to contain, and people to connect with to thank personally. I’ll attempt to connect with every one of you – I just need a little time. Social Media platforms are blowing up! Lol. I’m grateful for your help to raise over $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. This WAS AND IS the focus.

I’m grateful to be able to use my gift as an Acoustic Live Looping Artist, to give back to the community. The River Rock Casino Hotel and Resort, along with the entire Great Canadian Casino Corporation Family was an integral part of the success of this mission.

For full story details and specifics, click on any related related links:


Vancouver Is Awesome Magazine

Vancouver Courier News

Lynda Steel Show CKNW – behind the scenes peak

post Lynda Steel Show – CKNW

Richmond News

Columbia Valley Pioneer

Take care people, and the donation page will remain up, in appreciation of all those donations!

Spirit / Challenge Donation Page

Remember anything over $20 gives you a tax reciept for a write off. I believe in the Canadian Cancer Society, because most of us have been touched by someone with Cancer, and it’s a great feeling to know that I might be easing someone’s pain in one way or another. Period.


Acoustic Live Looping Artist

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The Last Sleep Before Dawn

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Well, here I go…

It’s 3am, Monday May 7th, 2018 and I’ve just completed a show at Cavo Bar Vancouver, taken down my gear, headed over to the River Rock and set up the gear on stage, ready to go!!!

I begin the marathon at 10am Monday May 7th, keeping a few things in mind, which I’ve probably mentioned before:

There are many people who aren’t as fortunate as me.

Six days is but a blink of an eye.

Many Men and Women sacrifice a lot more everyday. (Ie, WW2)

This marathon is dedicated to my parents who both passed away from cancer.

I’m focused.

See you at 10am and beyond.


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Video / Interview

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I’m all geared up!

Why? Beacuse so many people are putting a whole lot of support into creating an amazing thing happen. As I’ve mentioned before, Great Canadian Casinos thru River Rock Casino has committed to making this event really come to light. They are so inspired by what is happening that they’ve confirmed $1000 / day, via corporate donation, for every day I complete the Guiness Book Of Records Marathon.

And, they wanted a little context, so here it is:

Thanks to everyone at GCC for supporting this task!


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One Week Of My Life

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The Challenge…

In the grand scheme of things, one week of my life is a pretty tiny timeline. I’ll always think of myself as a fortunate person. Why? Because I have the opportunity to live my passion by performing music for a living and share this gift with others. As an “Acoustic Live Looping Artist”, I am excited about performing and growing as an Artist, but also feel I should give back to society and to my community on many levels as I become more successful. This event will definitely be on a new level for me!

The recognition of these gifts I’ve been given starts with my parents, both of whom I lost to Cancer. They were an integral part of my musical beginnings – which I’m sure they knew. That being said, one level that I continually give back to my community is by raising donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. Because my parents dealt with Cancer, I’m under the impression that this disease could be fairly genetically prominent to me.

Moving forward, I will raise funds for the C.C.S. by way of a 6 day musical marathon. Yes, that’s right, I will be playing guitar for a period of 125 hours to break the Guinness World Record set in 2008. The 6 day event will take place at River Rock Casino Resort from Monday, May 7th, 2018 to Saturday, May 12th 2018. Great Canadian Casinos have been a strong supporter of my performances, and they have stepped up in a big way to support this event, for which I can’t thank them enough. I also have many people in my life who challenge me and respect the unique aspect of this event. I’m grateful to have them by my side!

As the event day draws nearer, there will be updates on websites listed below, and a Canadian Cancer Society online donation page in support of this cause. Join us at the following online sites and follow the hashtag #spiritriverrock for more information. Thank you for your time!!!

All the best,


Acoustic Live Looping Artist


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Any Day Now!!!

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I’m getting real excited to let you all know that documents are signed, almost all the groups in question are on board, and the announcement is just around the corner. It’s turning out to be much bigger than I expected. I wish I could give you details, but I need to play by the rules…could be the first time in my life! Lol.

Stay tuned, people!!



Media links:

Come To Think Of It:

Soul For Sale:



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Hello all!

So, upon my return from Toronto today, I just recieved an email from a large corporate sponsor who I’ll be working with to create “a really big deal” in May.

You want details? OK! You’ll need to follow me at SPIRIT ON FACEBOOK to get up-to-the-minute info…but for now, I can say “possible live stream” and “dates between May 7th – May 12th, 2018.”

Confused? No problem.

It will all make sense in the days and weeks to come…

It’s now TIME TO GIVE BACK in a big way!


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Wow! I recently hit the five-year mark with The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, so I thought I’d better send out a huge thanks and list some of the reasons why. First, I need to thank Vibe Manager Johnny DeFazio for bringing me on board years ago (and putting up with me the longest, haha!). I’ve gone through quite a few changes, and for his straight-up conversations over the years, I’ve realized that he’s a fantastic listener and really cares about the clientele – that we are both in service for. I like that alignment. It’s great to have people on your side and both being open to discussing an outcome that serves all parties interested. I could guess that’s probably why he recently saw a promotion to watch over 3 Casinos (Hard Rock, River Rock, Elements) under the GCGC umbrella. I dig it, and I’m grateful to continue to work with this positive individual.

From an Artists’ standpoint, performing at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver‘s Unlisted Lounge is one of my favourite locations to entertain an audience! Why? The final renovations have arrived with a stage that can be seen and heard by all, with very comfortable seating. Now, I’m one of those crazy artists that only use my own gear, as I’m very familiar with it, and I like to be comfortable and know what to expect. I’m given the time to arrive early and set up (about an hour) so that the clientele receives an optimal sound experience. Johnny understood this from the beginning, and for this, I’m grateful. So much so that it lead to warming up for 54-40 in the Asylum Lounge and performing at the Grand re-opening, The Ultimate Car Show, and a few other special events! Thanks J!

Moving southbound to Elements Casino  in Cloverdale (formerly Fraser Downs), I need to thank Marty Morel for bringing me into both Elements and a few Chances Casinos. Elements is presently going through some physical changes, but this can only be a good thing if the other Casinos are setting the example at hand. Fingers crossed!

And lo and behold, westbound towards Richmond BC, there is a perfect sized stage for what I do, right on the gaming floor at The River Rock Casino Resort. Again, as an artist, I’ve found that one needs to really be aware of his/her surroundings, demographics, and sound levels to be successful here. That being said, I’m always creating an atmosphere that constantly changes from minute to minute depending on what shows are happening in the Theatre or elsewhere on the floor. It’s a little different than The Hard Rock or Elements Casinos, however, as I’ve found that if I do my homework I can align my material to just about any audience. Michael Kim and Brock Lazaruk have been the key players in my success there, and we are in the midst of creating some nifty things this year, and as I mentioned in my other blog, the year has only just begun!

Finally, I want to thank all the staff that I converse with on a daily basis. Security, Servers, Bartenders, Guest Services, the Valets, Dealers, and the Custodians/Cleaners! All sites have great staff, and everyone is usually smiling and welcoming (especially if I make one of my wierd faces when I arrive!). Every night, as I create songs with my Acoustic Live Looping Performance, it feels like I’m performing with a team, and that’s a good thing, because when it comes right down to it, we are all attempting to make YOUR night as fantastic as you want it to be, and doing that together makes it a heckovalot easier!! As an musician / artist, I’m grateful for all the performance dates the GCGC has provided for me to support my career over these last few years. Looking forward and excited to grow a little more with ya’ll!

As an Original Artist, it’s great  to be performing consistently, presenting live music that is enjoyed by all.

So, thank you!

Links to all Casino sites are in the blog, just click!