About The Artist – Spirit

About The Artist

As an Acoustic Live-Looping Artist, Spirit creates music like a painter generates a painting. A painter adds to the canvas with every stroke of the brush, and within time, a masterpiece is created.
Spirit achieves the same results by using his guitar and voice to create layers upon layers, with your ears being the canvas, for every song at every performance.

Years of live-sound experience, and extensive touring, Spirit has become a seasoned artist who provides unique entertainment at every occasion.
More than just an acoustic guitar player / singer, Spirit is also proficient with Percussion, Bass, Lead Guitar, and Rhythm Guitar. The sounds you hear at a performance are created organically through his acoustic guitar, which means all performances are live, using no pre-recorded tracks or synthesized sounds.

Expanding his career, Spirit has released his first critically acclaimed album “All The Pieces” [c2013 iTunes and CDBaby], toured Canada twice in 2014, and has recently released 2 videos demonstrating his “Acoustic Live Looping Performance” technique, which by 2015, had gained over 100,000 YouTube views.

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Soul For Sale
Come To Think Of It

Since placing Top 20 in the Vancouver area for CBC Searchlight 2013 with his song “Come To Think Of It”, he has warmed up for “54-40”, “Platinum Blonde”, and twice for Juno award winners “Chilliwack”. He has performed at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Grand Opening, and was invited to return to One Year Anniversary in January 2014, with “Bif Naked” and “Everlast”.

Spirit’s first album “All The Pieces” was released in July 2013, and is available through iTunes or CD Baby. The release for “Hands” is scheduled for 2017.

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