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Wow! I recently hit the five-year mark with The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, so I thought I’d better send out a huge thanks and list some of the reasons why. First, I need to thank Vibe Manager Johnny DeFazio for bringing me on board years ago (and putting up with me the longest, haha!). I’ve gone through quite a few changes, and for his straight-up conversations over the years, I’ve realized that he’s a fantastic listener and really cares about the clientele – that we are both in service for. I like that alignment. It’s great to have people on your side and both being open to discussing an outcome that serves all parties interested. I could guess that’s probably why he recently saw a promotion to watch over 3 Casinos (Hard Rock, River Rock, Elements) under the GCGC umbrella. I dig it, and I’m grateful to continue to work with this positive individual.

From an Artists’ standpoint, performing at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver‘s Unlisted Lounge is one of my favourite locations to entertain an audience! Why? The final renovations have arrived with a stage that can be seen and heard by all, with very comfortable seating. Now, I’m one of those crazy artists that only use my own gear, as I’m very familiar with it, and I like to be comfortable and know what to expect. I’m given the time to arrive early and set up (about an hour) so that the clientele receives an optimal sound experience. Johnny understood this from the beginning, and for this, I’m grateful. So much so that it lead to warming up for 54-40 in the Asylum Lounge and performing at the Grand re-opening, The Ultimate Car Show, and a few other special events! Thanks J!

Moving southbound to Elements Casino  in Cloverdale (formerly Fraser Downs), I need to thank Marty Morel for bringing me into both Elements and a few Chances Casinos. Elements is presently going through some physical changes, but this can only be a good thing if the other Casinos are setting the example at hand. Fingers crossed!

And lo and behold, westbound towards Richmond BC, there is a perfect sized stage for what I do, right on the gaming floor at The River Rock Casino Resort. Again, as an artist, I’ve found that one needs to really be aware of his/her surroundings, demographics, and sound levels to be successful here. That being said, I’m always creating an atmosphere that constantly changes from minute to minute depending on what shows are happening in the Theatre or elsewhere on the floor. It’s a little different than The Hard Rock or Elements Casinos, however, as I’ve found that if I do my homework I can align my material to just about any audience. Michael Kim and Brock Lazaruk have been the key players in my success there, and we are in the midst of creating some nifty things this year, and as I mentioned in my other blog, the year has only just begun!

Finally, I want to thank all the staff that I converse with on a daily basis. Security, Servers, Bartenders, Guest Services, the Valets, Dealers, and the Custodians/Cleaners! All sites have great staff, and everyone is usually smiling and welcoming (especially if I make one of my wierd faces when I arrive!). Every night, as I create songs with my Acoustic Live Looping Performance, it feels like I’m performing with a team, and that’s a good thing, because when it comes right down to it, we are all attempting to make YOUR night as fantastic as you want it to be, and doing that together makes it a heckovalot easier!! As an musician / artist, I’m grateful for all the performance dates the GCGC has provided for me to support my career over these last few years. Looking forward and excited to grow a little more with ya’ll!

As an Original Artist, it’s great  to be performing consistently, presenting live music that is enjoyed by all.

So, thank you!

Links to all Casino sites are in the blog, just click!

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